2012 Student Art Contest Winners

The contest is now closed, but thanks to all those who participated. We hope you had as much fun as we did! We will announce the next contest here on our blog when details are available.

Please keep creating!  The world needs innovators!

1st Place – “DNA Weaver of Life”

2012-SAC 1st Place

By Natasha Szymkiewicz
Sophomore, Notre Dame Preparatory School
Towson, Maryland


::: Runners Up :::


“DNA Tattoo”

2012 SAC-Runner Up

“Aequorea Victoria”

2012 SAC Runner Up

Joshua Macapagal
Junior, Burbank High School
Emily Ann Farnham
Sophomore, Hilton Head Island High School
South Carolina



::: Honorable Mentions :::


 “Song of Life” 2012 SAC Honorable Mention “Spring Garden” 2012 SAC Honorable Mention “Life2012 SAC Honorable Mention
 Yennie Shyu
Piedmont Hills High School
  Sophia Zhang
Waunakee Middle School
Mackenzie Thomson
Fairview High School


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