FAQ: AP® Biology

Q: Do FOTODYNE MolecuLab kits align with the 2012-13 College Board® AP® Biology curriculum?

The kits have been updated in a variety of ways.  Most of the updates involve asking the students to use more of their quantitative skills, some involve the addition of higher-level thinking questions for the students to answer, while others involve asking the students to use bioinformatics to help them make hypotheses about which genes should be included in their experiment.  This also gives them the opportunity to have input in the direction of their experiment.  All of these updates are consistent with the goals of the new curriculum.

The individual product pages for the MolecuLabs include descriptions of how each kit fits into the 2012-13 curriculum framework and the instructor manuals include a list of learning outcomes.

Q: The College Board provides a lab manual.  Why should I use a FOTODYNE kit?

As an approved AP course, you are required to include at least 2 lab experiments from each of the 4 Big Ideas.  The labs presented in the College Board manuals are guidelines, but you can use any resource.  FOTODYNE kits are unique because they offer a variety of themes that your students will find interesting and engaging, while still demonstrating curriculum topics.

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