Classroom Resources

Teacher/StudentAt FOTODYNE, we are committed to supporting teachers in their endeavor to empower future scientists and to develop well-informed citizens.  This doesn’t happen on its own.  We recognize that only with the proper resources can these goals be accomplished.

We strive to help teachers become comfortable teaching biotechnology so that their students can understand the biology behind the biotechnology.

We offer workshops for teachers and support other teacher training workshops though our Equipment Loan Program.  For a number of years we have offered support to AP® Biology teachers by donating materials to AP Summer Institutes training courses.

It’s All About Having The Right Tools!

EquipmentJust as a baseball coach needs a bat, ball and glove, so do scientists need the proper equipment.  We offer educational products for the classroom laboratory that have been designed to be durable and to endure repeated use by students learning basic molecular biology techniques.

We’ve Got Your Back!

Already trained and doing molecular biology in your classroom?  We’re still here to help!  You can find answers to your questions in the FAQ section, and don’t forget to check out our blog to stay informed about new products and techniques.

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