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2015 Student Art Contest – NOW OPEN!

The 2015 FOTODYNE Student Art Contest is now accepting entries.

2012 Student Art Contest Winners

Here are the winning entries for FOTODYNE’s 2012 Student Art Contest. We hope you had as much fun as we did!

Lab Lesson #14: New AP® Biology Curriculum Standards

Ms. Hopeful Writes: “I am totally overwhelmed. Since the College Board® introduced its new AP® Biology Curriculum in 2012, I have had to prepare for my course audit by rewriting my syllabus and finding new labs that work with their goals. It has always been a challenge to find interesting content that requires little prep and is interesting to my students. Do you offer any educational kits that work with the new standards?”

Lab Lesson #61: Alternative to Ethidium Bromide?

Mr. Lost Writes: “The safety officer at my institution has informed me that I will soon be unable to use ethidium bromide to stain my gels. My short class period time does not allow for the lengthy staining and destaining using methylene blue. Is there an alternative? Please HELP!”